Updated Sony Playstation VR headset will feature built-in sound

But those outside Japan will have to wait
New PlayStation VR offers refined design
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Sony has unveiled an updated version of its PlayStation VR headset, set to arrive in Japan first before making its way to the US and Europe.

The fresh VR headset, which is primed to feature minor hardware refinements rather than a complete design overhaul, will now offer stereo headphone cables integrated within the headset, as well as a slimmer connection cable.

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The updated headset will also have a new Processor Unit which offers HDR pass-through. This means that PlayStation users can now watch HDR PS4 videos through their TV without having to unplug the headset, for example.

And as per the Japanese PlayStation website, the updated device will launch in the region on 14 October with a price tag of 44.980 yen, which translates to roughly $398. The page also notes that Sony is reviewing the performance PlayStation Move controller as part of a plan to release it sequentially as a PS4-exclusive version with a Micro-B USB connection.

We haven't yet heard a rollout plan date for western territories or those in Australia, though the Sony US blog hints that a North American launch is set for a "later date".

Generally speaking, this isn't the most exciting refresh in the world, but it certainly looks to rectify some of the slight design issues we experienced when testing the original headset a year ago.

No longer will we be fighting through wires when trying to play games, while the in-built earphones will provide an a cleaner alternative akin to its high-powered rivals, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Updated Playstation VR headset will feature less cables and in-built sound