Oculus is making a push for more live action VR movies by 2016

Just because it's virtual doesn't mean it has to be CG
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Oculus has just signed a deal with Felix & Paul Studios, the Canadian VR company behind shorts like Strangers with Patrick Wilson, to produce movies and experiences for the consumer Rift headset in time for its early 2016 launch.

So far, CG games for Oculus have been getting all the attention. But as anyone who has strapped on a Rift, or even a Samsung Gear VR, will know, the live action VR can be just as addictive to experience.

Felix & Paul has produced the intro package on the Gear VR as well as promo pieces for Wild and Jurassic World, using 360 degree stereoscopic cameras, so it's safe to assume we won't be seeing anything feature length from the studio.

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Even Oculus' own CG short Lost, directed by a former Pixar animator, only runs for around five minutes depending on the interaction of the viewer. That said, Felix & Paul is also working on a series for VR named Nomads which lets us spend (virtual) time amongst with Kenyan tribes and Bajau communities in Borneo.

The partnership - which is multi project and multi-year as reported by The Hollywood Reporter - is a good sign that Oculus sees a future for its headset beyond games. And the Gear VR for that matter - as part of the deal, any work created by Felix & Paul will also be made available on the Gear VR for Galaxy S6.

Oculus' rival VR headset makers have been quieter on the live action front - none of the demos on HTC's Vive headset were live action, for instance, so this could be a chance for Oculus to give VR fans something different.

Oculus is making a push for more live action VR movies by 2016


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