Oculus Quest is set to get a three-part Darth Vader VR experience

Spend some time with Daddy Skywalker
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Oculus is looking to have a big launch title for its new Oculus Quest VR headset and it's turning to ILMxLab to do that with a brand new Star Wars "story experience". And it's all about Darth Vader.

The new series, written by The Dark Knight writer David S Goyer, is a follow-up to ILMxLab and The Void's Secrets of the Empire. It takes place after Revenge of the Sith and before A New Hope.

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The three-part story will take you up close and personal with Vader, Goyer says, though it doesn't sound like you'll actually play the Sith lord. You will still get to play an active role in the story, and you'll be able to spend some time at Vader's castle on the lava planet Mustafar, which is the location of Secrets of the Empire as well. You'll also be able to lightsaber duel with Vader too.

The first part of the series, which is called Vader Immortal, will debut in early 2019 on the Oculus Quest. The series has been optimized for the new high-end standalone headset, and features support for its bass-heavy speakers and 6DoF tech.

Goyer says he's worked with both ILMxLab and Lucasfilm's story group to put together a series of interconnected VR stories. Secrets of the Empire is the first step, Vader Immortal is the next step and it seems likely that there are more in store should Vader Immortal be a success.

While Vader Immortal will debut on the Quest, it's not clear yet when or if it'll also debut on the Rift. We'll update this story when we find out more.

Oculus Quest is set to get a three-part Darth Vader VR experience


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