Meet the VR cabinet that will let you access all the senses

Jockey in the snow and feel critters at your feet
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If tricking your eyes through a VR headset wasn't enough, a dedicated cabinet could soon allow users to access a range of senses.

Anyone stepping into Koei Tecmo Wave's arcade-style enclosure, the VR Sense, will be met with a moving seat as well as smell, touch, hot, cold and weather elements.

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The company will offer the machine on a pay-per-use basis, with three different games launching alongside it. GI Jockey Sense makes use of the moving seat to offer players a more realistic experience, with conditions such as wind, rain and even snow also on hand.

And if jockeying a virtual horse in the winter snow isn't your idea of fun, there's also Horror Sense — a game which lets you enjoy "bugs falling from the ceiling and small things scurrying across the floor" — and a VR variant of the company's Dynasty Warrior series available through the tech.

The sensory twist with the latter spin-off is to allow you to "feel the fire and heat in the middle of war" thanks to what the company describes as a realistic reproduction of hot flames covering the battlefield. Sounds... safe?

Koei Tecmo hasn't yet clarified what headset it will use with the VR Sense, or indeed the rollout plans or launch date for the cabinet. We do, however, know that the Japanese video game company is set to reveal more at the Japan Amusement Expo 2017 starting on 10 February.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen a device looking to capitalise on more senses to create a richer VR experience. A device recently emerged which allows you to pick up, of all things, the scents of virtual reality porn.

And once Koei Tecmo has finished nailing down four of the main senses, it can begin working on ways to implement taste into the device. Let's just hope the food isn't as wild as everything else.

Source: Kotaku

Meet the VR cabinet that will let you access all the senses


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