Jared Leto narrates VR climate change campaign

Watch the first virtual reality climate change PSA on YouTube 360

Environmental campaign group The Sierra Club has launched a new promotional campaign video which works over VR headsets and YouTube 360.

The four-minute public service announcement is narrated by actor and musician Jared Leto, known for his stint on My So-Called Life, as well as some major supporting movie roles, including his Oscar award-winning role in Dallas Buyers Club.

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It's an attempt to catch the eye of the COP21, the United Nations conference on climate change attended by 195 nations, held on 11 December in Paris.

"Climate change affects all life on this planet," said Leto. "It is literally altering the face of the earth and displacing communities. I hope world leaders recognise that people around the globe want and need them to step up and work together starting at the UN Climate Summit and beyond, to fight the climate crisis. Humanity depends on it."

The video shows glaciers that have all but disappeared, ice melts in the Arctic, and the loss of wildlife (and humans) that depend on glaciers for survival. As Leto narrates, you take boat rides through icy waters and view a breathtaking Arctic landscape.

If you have a smartphone VR headset, check out the video below to see it in 360 degrees. You can also view it in VR on Facebook, or download the RYOT-VR app for iOS.


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