HTC launches its own VR studio for Vive

And there's a new game too
HTC has a new studio and game
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HTC announced its own spin off for HTC Vive over the summer and now its launching the appropriately named Vive Studios.

The new studio will develop VR apps and games in-house and with other internal companies. Joel Breton, head of the HTC Vive Studios, told Venturebeat that the studio's goal is to become a Microsoft and Sony type of publisher for its VR platform.

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Partnerships with external developers are also part of the plan, where HTC will provide funding and marketing support - similar to what Oculus and Facebook have done for Oculus Rift.

The first game of the lineup comes from 2 Bears Studios (one of HTC's internal devs) called Arcade Saga. The title is part of a three part collection that's meant to show off Vive's room-scale abilities.

Other content Vive Studios is creating beyond games include real estate, education, design, social, sports and more. Tools and apps are also in the works for other industries like healthcare, retail and general entertainment.

Breton noted that the VR industry needs to keep pushing for triple-A content and it seems like this is HTC's first major step towards that goal. The additional apps and experiences are a great inclusion to keep the library diverse.

Vive Studios will also keep the Viveport store full of new content keeping it closer the Steam's library - which should come in handy if HTC and Valve ever decide to part ways. It's unlikely to happen but at least HTC will have plenty of other partnerships to fall back on, on top of its very own studio.

HTC launches its own game studio for Vive