Facebook opens 360-degree video support for Samsung Gear VR and iOS

You'll also get to see immersive ads in your feed very soon
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In September, Facebook added support for 360-degree video on the web and Android devices. The company has just updated the social networking site to support full 360-degree virtual reality on Samsung's Gear VR.

Additionally, Facebook has added 360-degree support for iOS; iPhone users are no longer left in the virtual dust when it comes to watching immersive video clips from the feeds of ABC News, BuzzFeed, GoPro, Nickelodeon, and more.

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The company has also added editing tools in Pages for uploading 360-degree videos. Users will be able to edit the initial camera position and vertical field of view before uploading videos. There is now a website with support and resources for making 360-degree videos.

Facebook is working with consumer-level camera makers like Theta, Giroptic, IC Real Tech, and 360 Fly to provide quick access to "publish to Facebook" options within their respective apps. This will make 360-degree video sharing between everyday people more ubiquitous.

Facebook is likely hoping to bring a level of video saturation to its users' feeds because it has also recently teamed up with brands like AT&T, Samsung, and Walt Disney World to add 360-degree video advertisement to the site.

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That means that, in addition to watching a 360-degree video of your nephew opening presents on Christmas morning, you'll get a 360-degree commercial from AT&T about upgrading your smartphone right in your personal feed.

Facebook opens 360-degree video support for Samsung Gear VR and iOS


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