Withings Activité on sale in October

Company CEO reveals the date of stylish smartwatch availability

The stylish Withings Activité smartwatch will go on sale in October. The French company’s CEO Cédric Hutchings revealed the date to Wareable in an exclusive interview.

“The market availability of Aura our sleep system is set to be delivered from 25 August,” he told us. “The other one is Activité that we just featured and that will be delivered later, I think in the month of October.”

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The Withings Activité, a result of a partnership with French designer EliumStudio. It’s a Swiss-made timepiece that looks as traditional as your regular Tag but connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth and works as an activity tracker.

“We found that wearables were not that wearable,” Hutchings explained. “Most of the devices are quite low key, or kind of smartphones on the wrist. Ours is a simple idea, that we could bring the benefits of quantified tracking on a daily basis and not just when you do sport, but tracking the activity level without bringing shortcomings into a wearable.

“We wanted to be very genuine and be very bold. So, we did not take any trade-off or compromise into designing and bringing all the high end materials to really make a beautiful watch.”

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The Withings Activité will come in black or silver and will cost around $500.

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