​The Google Pixel Watch is back – but you're not allowed to look at it

Here's an artist's impression of what the watch looks like
​The Pixel Watch is back (again)
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The Pixel Watch has been one of the great MIA wearables – but now it’s back to tease us once again.

A Pixel Watch has been rumored for years – and we’ve written up endless rumor pieces and op-eds on its supposed existence. We know a Pixel Watch was in the works back but was cancelled in 2016.

But now it's back – according to elite tech leaker Jon Prosser, who has dropped a motherlode of Pixel Watch renders.

According to Prosser’s YouTube video, it's officially called the Google Pixel Watch. However, he couldn’t show any of the large cache of Pixel Watch images in his possession, or it would implicate his source, so an agreement was made to have a render artist recreate those shots. So like courtroom defendants or Gerry Adam's real voice, this is an artist's impression.

Prosser vouches that the design of the watch, bands and watch faces are faithfully replicated – and with someone of his stature, reputation is very much at stake.

In terms of features and specs, the Prosser leak consists of almost no detail – other than it’s codenamed project 'Rohan' at Google.

The Pixel Watch is back – but you're not allowed to look at it

The screen is bezel-less, according to Prosser

Prosser says that the design is round and bezel-less (as we can see from the renders), and that the watch will come with 20 strap options. He also said that Wear OS was getting “a facelift” – which piqued our interest – although offered no details.

He also said that the Pixel Watch was heading for an October release – although stressed that Google could easily push this date, and that it’s done that routinely for Pixel smartphones.

The Pixel Watch is back – but you're not allowed to look at it

Prosser says this is an official watch face for a revamped Wear OS

Google has invested heavily in Wear OS – it’s smartwatch operating system – but it hasn’t made a wearable of its own. But with its acquisition of Fitbit complete, it seems it’s ready to take the wrappers of its fabled Pixel Watch.

Of course, we're excited to find out how much, if any, Fitbit smartwatch IP makes it to the Pixel Watch, and whether changes to Wear OS are more than just a lick of paint. We're hoping for a much-improved wellness story, and something that can meaningfully bring Google experiences to the wrist.

Prosser has an excellent track record, but his information isn’t infallible. But it’s time to start getting excited at what looks to be an aggressive new entry to the smartwatch space.