​Sproutling is wearable tech for babies

Smartband tracks babies’ sleep for extra ‘you time’
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Sproutling has launched the ‘world’s smartest baby monitor’, a wearable for infants that gives parents constant information about their kid’s wellbeing.

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The wearable band attaches to the baby’s wrist and relays a host of real-time information for concerned parents through a smartphone app. It enables them to keep an eye on everything from the baby’s sleep patterns, the time they’re likely to wake up and even their mood.

Smart baby monitors and are nothing new, and there’s a host of innovative connected devices on the market from like likes of Withings and Mimo. However, being a wearable device, Sprouting’s band is different. It keeps a watchful eye over your little’s ones vitals, making it especially useful when parents are in another room or the baby is asleep.

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The band forms two parts: the wearable module itself that tracks the baby, and a bowl, which acts as a wireless charger. Just drop the module into the bowl during the day, and it will be fully charged when nap-time comes round.

The charging bowl also acts as an environmental sensor for the baby’s room too, and will tell you if the room’s too noisy or too hot, which could disturb the baby’s sleep and therefore your own relaxation time.


“Parents have been relying on baby monitors for over 75 years and in that time, they fundamentally haven’t changed at all," said Sproutling co-founder Chris Bruce.

"They continue to be a poor extension of parents’ eyes and ears and require constant attention to see if your baby is moving or making noise."

“We created the Sproutling Baby Monitor to be smarter and help parents be more effective and we really hope our product will instill confidence in parents so they can grow happy families.”

Sproutling is available to pre-order today for $299 (early bird order $249), for its first batch of monitors that will ship in early 2015.


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