The Samsung Galaxy Watch Golf Edition brings a caddy right to your wrist

Don't expect to see this one at the Ryder Cup though
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Samsung has announced a special edition of its recently released Galaxy Watch - one that's tailor-made for golfers.

The Korean company revealed the variant of the smartwatch - creatively named, Galaxy Watch Golf Edition - in its own territory, with users able to tap into the Smart Caddie app to gain insights into their round.

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If this is all ringing a bell for you, it's likely because you remember Samsung pulling the same trick with its former flagship, the Gear S3. Like that watch, the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition will offer the same design as its standard equivalent, simply with golf-centric software bolstering the experience.

So, what do you actually get with this software boost? Well, Smart Caddie brings with it information regarding 60,000 courses across the globe, as well as shot tracking and record keeping, putting it on a similar plane to dedicated golf wearables. However, we don't really know the true extent of this just yet - will it, for example, be able to offer advice in between shots, or use real-time weather conditions to help you?

And despite the new edition featuring golf smarts that apply globally, it appears, at least initially, it will only go on sale in the company's own territory. The 46mm version of the Golf Edition is available for the equivalent of , while the smaller 42mm design can be picked up for .

We don't yet have any word on when, if at all, we can expect to don the Golf Edition of the Galaxy Watch for ourselves. However, we're intrigued to see how the device matches up against the likes of Garmin's specialist golf watches and trackers, as well as the Apple Watch Series 4 and its committee of third-party golf apps.

Source: SamMobile

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Golf Edition brings a caddy right to your wrist

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