Rebble App Store is ready to breathe new life into Pebble smartwatches

First new app hits store and hopefully it'll be the first of many
Rebble ready to host new Pebble apps
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The folks at Rebble, an organization that wanted to keep services and software for Pebble smartwatches alive, has announced its open for new submissions for its own app store.

After Pebble was bought out by Fitbit and the wearable maker pulled the plug on supported services in 2018, Rebble has worked on helping Pebble owners retain many of its core features.

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One of those big features was an app store. It imported Pebble's own app store in 2018 hosting the remaining apps available when Pebble services were officially turned off.

In an announcement on its blog, Rebble revealed it had welcomed its first new app to its own app store. That first app (which you can download now) is a RSS reader and we are sure there are some Rebble users that are already making good use of it.

Rebble also announced that its App Store is now (mostly) open for submissions. It's now encouraging anyone that has any potential Pebble apps knocking about on their hard disks or devs ready to make something new, that it is now in a place to support bringing them to the Rebble App Store.

Since Rebble sprung into action into 2018 and announced its Web Services, it's managed to offer an app store, firmware updates and the ability to create mobile apps. This latest development is a major milestone for those who have so passionately sought to keep Pebble smartwatches alive.

Rebble has admitted readily that the process of getting apps on the store won't necessarily be smooth, but also says that it'll help developers having trouble through the process. If you're a GitHub native, you can browse the relevant directories here, to find out more.