Realme is plotting a new smartwatch as budget race hots up

New $50 smartwatch on the way
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Realme could be about to drop more new smartwatches, after sequels to its current devices showed up in source code.

The Tech Guy spotted a mention of the Realme Watch 2 and Watch 2 Pro in source code for the Realme app, which shows that new devices are indeed on the way.

The Realme Watch led the charge of the smartwatch when it was globally launched last summer. It features a more basic 1.4-inch screen, sports tracking modes, activity and sleep tracking and a week of battery life.

It got a three star score from our review, although it has quickly dated with the current deluge of budget smartwatches.

Since its launch it’s fair to say there’s been a full on assault on the sub- smartwatch market.

The Amazfit Bip U has arrived in North America with an enhanced screen that blows the Realme Watch out of the water. And there’s a Pro variant with GPS for just $69.99.

We’ve also seen the Ticwatch GTX also challenge the Realme at .

Xiaomi is also prepped to release the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite, for which pricing is still unclear.

So it’s interesting to see that Realme is already plotting a follow-up device.

We’d welcome a boost in screen quality and the addition of GPS would also make it a really compelling device.

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