Moskito is a stylish speedometer and smartwatch in one

Swiss made wearable wants to be your cycling companion too
Moskito is a speedometer and a smartwatch
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Meet Moskito, the bike computer that also wants to live on your wrist as a smartwatch.

The crowdfunding project, which has now landed on Kickstarter, is aiming to put a new spin on the smartphone companion with a Swiss made analogue watch that can be popped out of the strap and mounted onto your bike. It then works as a speedometer displaying speed, distance covered, average speed and can even keep a record of your best times.

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Set to be available in two models, the Classic features a stainless steel case and is available with a real leather or NATO strap. The Fly is a black version with an aircraft aluminium finish. You'll also be able to pick from a model that displays cycling info in mph or kmh. Both are water resistant up to 2 metres so you can take them for a dip as well.

In watch mode, it uses a series of coloured hands and smaller dials, which are dedicated to different features. So there's a hand assigned to displaying the date but also one to determine what type of notification you've received. It can tell you whether a call, text, email or app notification has come through to your phone once it's paired over Bluetooth.

Moskito is a retro speedometer and smartwatch in one

When you want to go into speedometer mode, it can be mounted via a road bar mount and let's you pick from either a speed or chrono mode. In speed mode you'll be able to view current speed, average speed distance and hours. In Chrono mode, you can view seconds, minutes and hours with physical buttons positioned at the top of the case.

A nice touch is the competitive element where you can set challenges and the watch can indicate whether you've beaten a personal best, equalled your personal best, or actually put in a slow time. Ride data can also be synced with Strava and Garmin Connect with all of that managed from the free Moskito companion smartphone app.

The watch is powered by precision quartz movement with 6 bidirectional motors and it charges via USB with the rechargeable Li-Ion battery giving you anywhere from 6-24 months.

If you want to be one of the first to own a Moskito, you'll need to pledge 535 Swiss Francs (roughly $528) to bag the Classic model. A pledge of 635 Swiss Francs ($626) will get you the Fly edition. If all goes well, it'll start shipping from October 2017.

Moskito is a retro speedometer and smartwatch in one