Louis Vuitton's next luxury smartwatch has hit the FCC, aims for your wallet next

Coming for your wrist - and wallet
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Louis Vuitton's Tambour Horizon was one of our favorite smartwatches of 2017, a luxurious smartwatch that felt as expensive as its $2,450 price tag at every curve.

It looks like there's another LV smartwatch on the way, as Android Headlines has discovered that two models have been approved by the FCC: QA05 and QA08.

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What these model numbers pertain to is anyone's guess. It could be that the Tambour Horizon will come with an LTE variant, or maybe there'll be a special edition with better materials. The Tambour Horizon came in one size with multiple finishes.

The FCC filing reveals some details about the design. It has a circular design with a crown, which shouldn't be a surprise as that's what the Tambour Horizon looked like. It'll likely be inspired by Louis Vuitton's analog watches, too, as the Tambour Horizon was.

The filing also reveals Bluetooth connectivity (duh) and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi. It'll measure 52.35mm in height when including the lugs and 47.49mm wide when including the crown. It seems likely that the new watch will retain the Tambour Horizon's 42mm case size.

It's very likely the new LV watches bake Qualcomm's Snapdragon 3100 inside, as LV was one of the manufacturers alongside Fossil to announce support for the new chipset. This, of course, means that the LV will most likely run Wear OS.

As for when it could arrive, October is definitely possible. FCC approval is now out of the way, and November is when the key holiday shopping season begins. Manufacturers are itching to get their wares into the minds of customers before then, so we should see the new Louis Vuitton smartwatch any moment.

Louis Vuitton's next luxury smartwatch has hit the FCC, aims for your wallet next

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