Apple to offer free repairs for Series 2 models with swollen batteries

But it's only certain variations of the smartwatch that are entitled to the fix
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Apple is set to offer repairs for models of the Series 2 if they won't turn on or feature a swollen battery.

According to MacRumors, owners of the 42mm Apple Watch will soon be entitled to a free fix if the battery has expanded and compromised the design of the smartwatch, or even if its simply won't power on.

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The device also doesn't have to be under warranty, with cover stretching to three years after purchase; meaning that most affected Series 2 owners will have until 2019 or 2020 to make a move on the issue.

Interestingly, the proposed new plan also won't cover 38mm models or any other Series of the Apple Watch line, but any model of the 42mm device is eligible - so it doesn't matter if you're rocking the entry-level Sport, a Nike+ variation or even something from the Hermès collection.

Apple has yet to officially announce the policy, so it's probably best to hold off on any plans you're making which rely on a free repair, but it's likely we hear word sooner rather than later. After all, it wouldn't be the first time the company would have to offer free repairs for one of its smartwatch lines.

Just last year, Apple extended its service policy on two separate occasions for the original Apple Watch models, with one relating to the same swollen battery issue and another two the back cover coming away from the smartwatch.

There's no estimations regarding how many of the devices have been affected by the potential power issues, but we suspect it's significant if Apple is making a change to its policy. So, here's hoping your Apple Watch isn't one of them.

Apple to offer free repairs for Series 2 models with swollen batteries

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