Apple Watch Edition buyers will get special treatment

Eyeing up the gold Apple Watch? Look out for butlers, scales and safes this April
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There's nothing the fashion world loves more than a hierarchy and with the Apple Watch's 34 different combinations of materials and styles, it's set to be the first true status symbol smartwatch.

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It was revealed this week that Apple stores in the US will be fitted with special safes for the 18-karat Apple Watch Edition models. But there's more.

Apple staff are not only getting an upgrade to smarter uniforms this month but they are also being trained by clothes shop experts in how to offer special treatment to customers interested in the high-end gold smartwatch.

Sections of Apple stores may start to look more like jewellery shops with plans to equip the shops with scales so that the amount of gold in each Edition can be weighed at the point of sale and again if it is returned.

The Sunday Times also reports that analysts claim if the Edition sells for the estimated $5,000 then each store could have a butler who will be responsible for fitting the Apple Watch Edition to the fanciest customers as well as linking the wearable to customers own iPhones for them.

Sounds like a first class wearable tech service to us so don't expect anything the butler treatment if you have your eye on the regular $350 stainless steel Apple Watch. The most important thing is that everyone, from duchess to flower girl, will be able to try before they buy.

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