Samsung's LTE Galaxy Watch to cost $50 more than non-LTE version

First carrier in the US reveals how much it'll cost to break free from your smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE version is pricey
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If you want to live that untethered life with the Samsung Galaxy Watch, then it's going to cost you another $50 for the luxury after the first US carrier revealed pricing for the LTE version of the smartwatch.

T-Mobile has announced on its website that for that extra connectivity the 42mm Galaxy Watch will cost you $380, moving up to $400 for the bigger 46mm model.

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To put that into perspective, to buy the non-LTE 42mm Galaxy Watch in the US it'll cost you $329 or $349 for the 46mm version. The Apple Watch Series 3 is of course available in an LTE version and prices start around $399 mark and can go up to $420 for the larger 42mm Apple Watch. So Samsung is at least pitching it at just under the price of its closest rival.

That extra connectivity means the ability to make and take calls from the Samsung smartwatch as well as do things like stream music. Samsung is of course the only company that has a dedicated Spotify app for its wearables, so that LTE support will no doubt be desirable.

The Galaxy Watch is still currently up for pre-order with no firm release date and makes a number of improvements on the Samsung Gear S3. That includes better battery life, enhanced workout and activity tracking modes and improving the way you keep track of your day.

There's no news on pricing for the LTE model in the UK, but we'll update this story when we know more.

Source: Engadget

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