The best Oculus Rift games

The latest top Rift games including Touch compatible titles
The best Oculus Rift games

The Oculus Touch controllers have been out for a few months now, and with them a whole new raft of Oculus Rift games has arrived.

But it's not all about the motion controllers, there have also been plenty of new releases for those still rocking an Xbox One gamepad.

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With the Oculus Rift game library growing massively, it can be tricky to sift through the maze of titles to find what's best.

So however you're getting your hands in on the virtual reality action, we're here to round up the best Oculus Rift games and experiences for you to try.

Here are our top Rift games picks and the ones you should be looking out for in 2017.

Best Oculus Rift games out now

Fruit Ninja VR

It's a wonderful thing when virtual reality becomes a great way to escape reality, and if you've had a stressful day, Fruit Ninja VR needs to be your evening go-to game of choice.

Rather than imagining your boss' face on a pinboard, why not take your pent up rage out on some fruit… with a pair of samurai swords?

Fruit Ninja VR's brand of Oculus Touch-powered fun is satisfying, strangely hypnotic and incredibly addictive as you slice through the game's various modes and their never ending fruit barrage.

$14.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required

Arizona Sunshine

This Oculus Touch exclusive game sees you take on a 24-hour journey to search for other survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Arizona Sunshine may be a wave-based shooter on paper, but it's brilliant.

Glorious scenery, great comedic script and some top notch gameplay combine to make this one of the most memorable Oculus Touch titles.

You'll need to use a variety of firearms to take down the hordes, constantly scavenging for more ammo, but also have to balance weapons and a torch as things take a turn for the worst. This is a great shooter, with an even better story.

$39.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required

Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives

Although being an office worker, corner shop clerk, chef or mechanic might not be want you want to do when you grow up, Job Simulator makes excellent work of what could potentially be fairly mundane jobs.

In the game's version of 2050, cast of odd robots interpret what the think the jobs of today might have been like. Luckily for us they've gotten things a little wrong, resulting in some brilliant little storylines, hilarious interaction options and general bewilderment of the best kind.

$29.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required

Fantastic Contraption

Don't be put off by Fantastic Contraption's difficulty curve or the farting cat, for that matter. This is a puzzle game where you're really going to have to think and get creative.

Using the Oculus Touch controllers, all you need to do is build machines that can reach a goal, whether that's reaching something high up, climbing some stairs or simply moving from A to B.

Whatever you've got to do, if you've got any chance of doing it, get ready to experiment and have some creative fun in this gloriously colourful puzzler.

$29.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required

I Expect You to Die

Forget Idris Elba or Tom Hardy, the next James Bond is you - well in I Expect You to Die anyway.

This game is perfect for showing off the true potential of virtual reality and the Oculus Touch controllers by throwing you into a variety of "escape the room"-type scenarios. The perils are frequent and increasingly unexpected, and you're thrown from solving one problem to another that's slightly more deadly.

It's clever both in its puzzles and use of VR and one that needs to be played in every Oculus Rift home.

$24.99, Oculus Store

Rescuties VR

Who knew catching various cute things from babies to corgi puppies would make for such a good VR game? But Rescuties VR does just that.

Using the Oculus Touch controllers, you can catch the falling adorables and then chuck them on to wherever they need to be. It' fast, frantic and sometimes sad if you drop one and watch a baby go bouncing off a cliff. The simple premise evolves to different scenarios, opens up unlockables and allows you to achieve special goals too - and all on a budget.

$8.99, Oculus Store


The best Oculus Rift games

Oculus's demo is now free for everyone to download and try with the Touch controllers. Similar to Nvidia's Carnival VR you'll find yourself in a virtual toybox lighting things on fire, throwing/breaking/punching/shooting and basically having a lot of fun being a kid playing with toys. You can also play the game with a friend if they have their own controllers.

Free, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required


The best Oculus Rift games

Like Google's Tilt Brush on Steam, Medium technically isn't a game but it's still worth checking out. If you're feeling particularly creative one day and want to sculpt or paint, Medium is free for you to express yourself in VR.

Free, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required

Bullet Train

This Oculus Touch shooter from Epic Games mirrors your hand movements to let you experience well, shooting people in a pretty crazy way. You can also teleport and manipulate time so it sounds a little like Superhot VR. But we love Superhot so the more the better. The first tech demo, built around showing off Unreal Engine 4, was a big hit and now the demo is out for Touch for everyone to try at home.

Free, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required

Superhot VR

The best Oculus Rift games

Superhot has been around for a while on PC, but it's now on the Rift. The stylish first person shooter features a unique way of controlling time – move forwards and the clock ticks, but stop and everything pauses. It means you can take your time, which could prove to be essential as you take your first steps into the disorientating virtual world. Did we mention it's addictive as hell?

$24.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required

The Unspoken

We played Insomniac's The Unspoken early on and quickly fell in love with the game. There's a lot of exciting Touch games on the roster, but this one made us realize for the first time just how much potential Rift's controllers have. From the magic wielding to multiplayer, this is one title that can't be missed - especially since it's bundled with Touch alongside VR Sports Challenge.

$29.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed

The best Oculus Rift games

This game is already a favorite on the HTC Vive and we won't be surprised if it takes a top spot in the Oculus Store too. If you're not familiar, the game has you searching for your sister and along the way a larger mystery unfolds. It's a great adventure and you'll be clamoring for more when it's over.

$19.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required


The best Oculus Rift games

If you want to play ball against an AI, look no further than HoloBall. This game is basically a crazy neon, squash game where you'll definitely have to make sure the Touch controllers are strapped properly around your wrist - don't want them flying off and breaking when you lob the ball, do you?.

$14.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required


The best Oculus Rift games

Graffiti in real life is nothing compared to graffiti in VR. Like Medium and Quill, Kingspray isn't really a game - but it's still fun especially for the artsy types. A version of this title was made for Xbox Kinect awhile ago but the developers revamped it for Rift. There are tons of spray can nozzles, colors, drips and more to choose from when creating your masterpieces. You can even join a friend to further gamify the experience.

$14.99, Oculus Store

VR Sports Challenge

Something a bit different. This is essentially a bunch of different VR sports including ice hockey, football, baseball and basketball. Early demos were promising - and it's proven damn fun at home. Essentially, Sanzaru Games has brought Wii Sports to the Rift.

$29.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

This game has been the subject of a bit of controversy as Oculus tried to buy it as an exclusive. Croteam said no but it'll still be coming to the Rift later this year. The game itself promises to be as fun and violent as you'd expect from the port. Those alien monsters aren't gonna splatter themselves.

$39.99, Oculus Store

Dragon Front

Just like The Unspoken and Feral Rites, we were one of the first to try out this VR card game - in fact the very first press person (we even played against Oculus' head of content, Jason Rubin). It was great fun then, and remains addictive now.

Free beta, Oculus Store


You know what Minecraft is. But you may not know it anymore played in VR. It's still the same blocky world of course, except now you get to experience it from a whole new perspective and it's awesome.

Free beta, Oculus Store

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This is a genius way of making VR multiplayer, with just one headset. One person volunteers to be trapped in a (virtual) room with a ticking time bomb. Then everyone else - the Experts - has to read the instructions to defuse it and help out the VR headset wearer get the job done. Plus, there's a different bomb every time. It's developed by Steel Crate Games and has been on Steam with VR support for a while.

$14.99, Oculus Store

The Climb

Crytek's Robinson: The Journey (which was originally in this list) has been announced as an exclusive for PlayStation VR but the developer is redressing the balance with The Climb, an Oculus Rift exclusive. Yes.

It's compatible with both Xbox One controllers and Oculus Touch, and it sees gamers scaling cliffs and rock faces around the world. Beautiful scenery meets immersive thrills.

$49, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch optional


Make this one of the first RPGs you get for Oculus - Chronos is a good pick for fantasy and history fiends and comes with a really intriguing game mechanic. Every time you die, you age by a year and the skills and abilities you can acquire change too.

$39.99, Oculus Store

Edge of Nowhere

This moody, intense third person VR game is from Insomniac Games sees the player following a character on an Antarctic mission to rescue a missing expedition. The story is more like a traditional Uncharted-style console game but we're excited to see how this translates to VR - epic snowscapes, eerie caverns, supernatural creatures flying over head.

$40, Oculus Store


This melancholic, first person sci-fi VR game comes from Mindfield Games and sees gamers exploring the moon Titan i.e. deep space. You explore a space base built by the US and the Russians - in this timeline Kennedy was never killed and everyone is working together. P.O.L.L.E.N broke records on Steam Greenlight and it's now available on Steam for Rift with Vive support much requested.

$24.99, Steam

Lucky's Tale

A third-person perspective in virtual reality games should be a big no-no, but somehow Lucky's Tale gets it absolutely right. It's a 3D platformer in the vein of Mario 64, with your face hovering god-like above the titular character as he bounces improbably around a technicolour land. It's the kind of innovation Rift games need, and it's great to see a family-friendly title on the headset from day one.

Free, Oculus Store

Surgeon Simulator

Bossa Studios' game has become the stuff of legend, featuring a butter-fingered surgeon named Nigel Burke operating on Bob, his unfortunate patient. It all gets ridiculously silly and gory as you crack ribs and rearrange organs, and Oculus Rift really makes it feel like you're in Burke's blood-filled boots.

$9.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch optional

Upcoming Oculus Rift games

Lone Echo

There were a lot of robot games at Oculus Connect 3 last year but Ready at Dawn's Lone Echo definitely stood out. With its crazy mechanics that fully utilize the Touch controllers, you really feel like you're floating in space - without the VR sickness! Other games that do the whole space thing usually leave us feeling the need to hurl whereas Lone Echoonly gave us wobbly legs and a desire to see what would happen to our character, Jack. We can safely say this is the space robot game you need to play.



This one's for the shooter fans. There's a wide variety of guns and gun parts to choose from plus a bunch of enemies for your bullets in Artika.1. Unlike other shooters, this game seems to have a larger story attached and feels less like you're just fighting off waves. But don't worry, there's plenty of shooting to be doing too.


Robo Recall

Epic Games' Robo Recall easily had the funniest trailer during the OC3 keynote, and the game itself is just as hilarious and crazy fun. You can not only shoot the hell out of robots, you can tear off their limbs, use them as body shields, and even jump on the back of a giant robot to hijack its weapons. Now that's how to use the Touch controllers right...



Though Landfall was one of the few gamepad titles we tried during OC3, it didn't disappoint. Joining the likes of multiplayer, and enabling the social aspect that Oculus is touting, the tactical action game has you working with a friend to win different rounds involving various kinds of gameplay. In the words of the developer, "You will die a lot. But it's still really fun."


Wilson's Heart

If you're looking for an Oculus Rift game coming out in 2017 that will keep you on the edge of ripping off your headset with terror, then Wilson's Heart is it.

This stylised, graphic novel-esque psychological thriller with Oculus Touch controllers puts you in the shoes of Robert Wilson, a man who wakes up in a strange hospital with no clue what's going on.

His heart has actually replaced a mysterious device, but as the story unravels, the excellent voice/acting cast including the likes of Alfred Molina and Rosario Dawn will guide you through.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew

In a win for cross platform VR games, this Star Trek game is launching for all three of the major headsets including Oculus. Announced at last year's E3, this co-op for four players focuses on manning the controls on a Federation starship.

Developed by Red Storm Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, expect a slick, virtual reality experience if not the most exciting gameplay. Due to arrive on the slightly delayed date of 14 March 2017, this is a must try for anyone with even a vague interest in Star Trek.


World War Toons

From Reload studios comes this lovely 3D cartoon VR game set on a 20th century battlefield, World War Toons. Everything from the music to the details in the backgrounds to the characters' facial expressions is funny and there's some clever mechanics too. For instance, when you grab a gun or tank you power-up to that class of officer. It's announced for PlayStation VR too but Reload has said WWT is coming to PC with Oculus support. Plus it will be free to play.


The Witness

Best Oculus Rift games

Jonathan Blow is the megabrain behind breakout platformer Braid, and his latest game, The Witness, looks set to continue his obsession with contorting your mind in ways it really shouldn't.

Set on a mysterious and apparently deserted island, the game features some 440 puzzles to work your way through. Blow has developed the engine from the ground up, and he's stated that the game will have "experimental" support for VR, previously namechecking the Oculus Rift.

If you're OK with tinkering, you can try this how-to out now.


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