The Level smartglasses will help you get fit and do some good in the world

Your activity helps someone in need
VSP Global Level smart glasses Hedy Classic Tortoise
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It turns out 2018 may be the year of the smartglasses. We've already seen the Lowdown Focus, we know Magic Leap is coming later this year and now VSP Global has launched its Level smartglasses in the US.

The glasses feature activity-tracking sensors in the temple of the optical frame. It can track your steps, calories burned, distance and total activity time, which are viewable in the companion app.

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That data isn't just for viewing though, it's also for earning reward points. For instance, when you complete your daily step goal you'll be awarded a point. If you complete a stretch goal, you'll gain another.

Once you earn 50 points, you can redeem a comprehensive eye exam and eyewear for a person in need through VSP Global's Eyes for Hope initiative (talk about a good bit of synergy). You'll even get to choose whether your exam and eyewear goes to veterans, children, the elderly or the homeless.

Thus, the more you help yourself by being active, the more you help other people get proper vision care. This was the founding idea of Level, which began as the Project Genesis prototype within VSP Global's innovation lab. A collaboration with the USC Center for Body Computing on a study found that altruistic motivation factors could help people continue to use wearables.

Level will be available in three unisex frame styles - Minsky, Hedy and Nikola - for $270, a price that excludes the cost of your lenses. Each style will come in four colors: black, "classic tortoise", slate and "grey tortoise".

They'll be available in the US this March at independent optometry practices in the VSP Global Premier Program. The launch will begin in Sacramento before expanding to Seattle, Portland, Denver, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC.

The Level smartglasses will help you get fit and do some good in the world


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