Second-gen HTC Vive headset and controller pictures leak

Redditors spoil CES surprises
New HTC Vive pictures leak
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We've been waiting for CES to get a peek at the updated HTC Vive headset ahead of its April 2016 release date, but it seems that a leak from HTC has ruined the surprise.

Eagle-eyed spotters over at Reddit claim to have unearthed a couple of photos from HTC's website that show a refined version of the headset and controller.

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The updated pictures make the older development kit looks like an old bag of nuts and bolts, and the difference is especially noticeable in the controllers.

We got hands on with those controllers back in August, and we weren't allowed to take photos. You can see why. The shonky looking hexagons are gone and the new renders show a pair of sleek looking control sticks with touchpads placed at the thumbs, with triggers underneath.

The headset itself has changed, too. The pitted front panel endures, but the head tracking camera moves to the bottom and the IR sensor disappears from view altogether.

The news coincides with HTC's developer forum in Beijing called HTC Vive Unbound. The event has attracted big name brands with Disney animation bigwigs showing off the platform's animation capabilities and news of a collaboration with Audi for virtual test drives via Vive.

Overall, it's a much more refined design of our favourite VR headset to date, and whether the pictures turn out to be real or not, it's just whetted our appetite for getting hands on at CES 2016 in January.

Via: VRFocus