Jawbone UP app hits Apple App Store

No need for a separate band as Jawbone gets iOS and Apple Health friendly
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We told you a couple of weeks back that Jawbone would be opening up its UP software to make itself more cross-platform friendly, and the first fruits of that initiative have now be born by way of a new iOS app that allows for activity tracking, without the need for a Jawbone band.

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The new iOS 8 app brings the Jawbone UP ecosystem right into your iPhone, using your mobile's sensors to replicate the tracking features you'd expect from a fitness band. It doesn't make your Jawbone UP or UP24 redundant, however, as the app uses the Apple Health platform to bring in a wealth of additional services such as RunKeeper, Withings and IFTTT.

This means for existing UP band wearers that their Jawbone is now able to tap into a wealth of new data not previously possible.

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The move also gives Jawbone a foothold in Apple's latest ecosystem and means the company isn't totally reliant on its own hardware with the quantified self market.

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Jawbone isn’t moving away from making its own devices though. It’s purportedly working on a next-gen device and, following its $100m+ purchase of BodyMedia last year, it’s expected that the next UP band could be packing a wealth of new sensors.

Last month, we told you how Misfit plans to power six smartwatches by the end of the year. Its app is already available to Pebble users and its ‘Scientific Library’ will allow hardware manufacturers to include its algorithms and software in their new wearables.

The new app, confusingly called UP (the same name as the band-reliant app) is available now and is free.

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