​Google Glass lives on as Project Aura

Glass is still in development and it's got a new name

Google Glass has had a bit of an internal rebrand at Alphabet, where it's back in development under Tony Fadell.

It's now called Project Aura – no not the modular phone, that's Project Ara you fool – and Google's been busy hiring a bunch of clever folks – predominantly from Amazon's now disbanded research labs.

Business Insider spotted a bunch of updated LinkedIn profiles, and it seems the employees weren't too shy about their involvement. One described Project Aura as "Google Glass and Beyond." Apple levels of secrecy.

Of course, the Aura team might not be working beyond just another pair of smart specs, and the team has experience in VR tech with the re-appointment of Adrian Wong, who briefly left Google to work on Oculus over at Facebook. What a life.

Since Google Glass Explorer Edition was pulled from the shelves earlier this year, the smartglasses world has gone quiet. But it would be unfair to say the category is dead. Glass is certainly still alive and well at Google and Intel snapped up Recon Instruments, taken a share of Vuzix and made some meaningless partnerships with glasses giant Luxottica.

And when will we see a new Google Glass? Well some reports indicate it could be early 2016. Colour us intrigued and massively skeptical.


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