​Hublot Big Bang E gets Champions League makeover

Another limited edition footy smartwatch
BBe Champions League
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Swiss watch giant Hublot has released a special Big Bang E UEFA Champions League edition.

Hublot has a track record of releasing new editions with UEFA and FIFA, and who could forget the Big Bang Referee 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia from two years ago? In fact, Hublot has been doing the official watch of the Euros since 2008.

The Big Bang E UEFA Champions League, will be limited to 500 pieces (that’s how the Swiss do these things), and the watch will come with a Champions League blue colored strap.

It’s also loaded with an app that alerts the wearer to kick-off in Champions League games, as well as goals, scorers, major events in the game and the final score.

What’s more, there are special edition watch faces available from the Hublot store, including a dial that changes color to represent the kit of the team that’s playing.

​Hublot Big Bang E gets Champions League makeover

The Champions League app will show a live score in the game, and if there are multiple fixtures happening simultaneously, you can switch to follow a particular game just by tapping on the screen.

And if VAR interventions don’t annoy you enough in real time, you’ll also get notified of those too.

The Hublot Big Bang E was launched back in June, and is a Wear OS smartwatch with a $5,800 price tag.

It uses a Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage - water resistant to 30 metres and comes with an interchangeable strap, which uses a mechanism for quick release.

Obviously, this isn’t really designed for the mass market – we expect most of these will end up in the hands of UEFA and footballing dignitaries. It will cost , but if you have to ask, it’s probably not for you.

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