Jabra's Elite Active 65t wireless earbuds come with Alexa and activity tracking

CES 2018: But there's no heart rate monitoring in this sporty bud
Jabra's Elite Active 65t come with Alexa
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Jabra has unveiled the third generation to its wireless hearable range, and Alexa is set to join the fitness tracking from the ear.

The company's Elite Active 65t have added the smarts of Amazon's voice assistant, allowing users to ask to play music or check the weather on the go, but unfortunately it won't offer the same biometric monitoring as its predecessor, the Jabra Elite Sport.

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The heart rate monitor has been left out of the new generation buds, though they will still feature an accelerometer motion sensor in order to track your exercise and keep tabs on metrics like cadence when you're out running or pounding the treadmill. The emphasis here has instead been shifted towards creating a solid voice and sound experience, something which is bolstered by up to 15 hours of battery life when used alongside the charging cradle.

Jabra indicates that one full charge will last around five hours, meanwhile, with the buds coming in titanium black, copper black and gold beige colour variations and launching in early April for $190.

However, people who want to take advantage of the new generation that aren't interested in the activity tracking capabilities can also look into the Elite Active 65t's sibling, the Elite 65t. While skipping over the tracking smarts, the same sound and Alexa specs will be on board when the Elite 65t become available from later this month from $170.

While this is being billed as the third generation for Jabra's wireless hearable, the spec sheet would suggest the leap forward isn't that great here. Those hunting for the most advanced biometric feedback are still best looking at the Elite Sport, though we'll be taking a more in-depth look at the Elite Active 65t when they drop later this year.

Jabra unveils Elite Active 65t wireless earbuds for