Brainno is a hearable that wants to train your brain

Tapping into your brainwaves to help you de-stress
Brainno hearable wants to train your brain
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Brain altering wearables are really a thing and Brainno (yes, that's what it's called), is the latest device that's promising to help improve brain health to keep you sharp and focused.

The in ear-wearable that looks a bit like one side of a pair of sporty in-ear headphones minus the cables, uses three sensors that are able to measure brainwaves. There's also an additional sensor that monitors heart rate at the same time that it's tapping into your brain.

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Those onboard sensors are then said to amplify bio-signals 1,000 to 100,000 times to measure electroencephalogram (EEG) signals in real-time. What is electroencephalogram? We hear you say. Well, it's essentially a method of measuring the brain's electrical activity.

That data is streamed wirelessly over Bluetooth to the app where it's analysed and provides suggestions on how to maintain optical brain and fitness health. These suggestions include brain training games, pieces of music and images that aim to help reduce stress and increase concentration levels. Data is displayed in a series of charts and diagrams within the app and also compared with data from other users.

The Brainno has successfully raised more than its $25,000 goal on Indiegogo with an early bird special offering the hearable for $130. According to the startup's timeline, the device will go into production in August before shipping in October 2017, which is not a long time to get it ready for backers to start training their brains.

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