Bragi Dash to partner with multiple music and fitness brands

Crowdfund success hearable plans of working with all the major streaming services
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Bragi, the company behind the Bragi Dash biometric headphones, looks to be planning collaborations with a host of music streaming services.

The company has taken to Facebook to poll its fans about preferred services, and has revealed that music and fitness partnerships are on the cards.

For the uninitiated, Bragi Dash is a pair of wireless earbuds that track pace, heart rate and distance, while also being gesture controlled and able to store and play music.

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The first Facebook post by the company on 31 July asked its followers which music services Bragi should partner with. The somewhat obvious result of this was a melee of opinions, with everyone seemingly wanting something different. Bragi's response: "we were just curious about your thoughts".

But a few days later a proper reply came:

"Guten Morgen, we want to thank all of you who took time to comment on our 'Music Notes' comment last week...great insights. It appears that most of our friends are big fans of Apple, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon not to mention Soundcloud, Rdio, and You also mentioned that you liked services that are supportive of artists. We hear you and all comments are being considered. It seems overall that you don't want Bragi to be in an exclusive partnership, but several partnerships that offer user flexibility," it said.

While it's very easy to "consider" a partnership with the major music streaming companies, it's a whole different ball game trying to make it happen. But the company seems intent on becoming platform agnostic, and that even seems to extend beyond music.

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A request for a partnership with sports tech company Polar was followed up with another interesting comment: "No worry, there will be several collaborations...we just wanted to know your thoughts about music services today. Next week we will focus on sports," it said.

If Bragi can pull off these plans, the $299 hearable could be an extremely powerful fitness device, by leveraging a degree of openness through both fitness platforms and music playback. Time is not on its side, however. Bragi has said that the first units will ship in September.

Bragi Dash to partner with multiple music and fitness brands

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