Bodytrak promises to accurately measure vitals from the ears

CES 2017: This fitness-focused hearable is definitely one for the pros
Bodytrak measures vitals from the ears
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We said hearables were going to be big in 2017 and startup Bodytrak is getting firmly on board with the trend with its wireless in-ears that can measure core body temperature, heart rate and more.

Tapping up the ear due to its proximity to the brain, the bulky-looking, water resistant buds let you listen to music. They also pack in sensors that can deliver core body temperature readings which have been validated against a gold standard medical device (the tympanic ear thermometer).

The Bodytrak buds also produce real time heart rate readings to a ECG gold standard. Additional metrics recorded include VO2, speed, distance and cadence.

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Data is sent wirelessly to a cloud-based analytics platform, which is available via a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or internet hub. This means users or coaches can identify physiological changes.

Bodytrak wants to accurately measure vitals from the ears

We say coaches, because the Bodytrak team is pitching this at serious athletes who already know what these more advanced metrics mean for improving performance, reducing injury or even detecting illness. While a professional model is the priority, though, there is a consumer version planned as well.

This tech is already being trialled with professional cycling teams, English Premier League football teams and rugby clubs but it's not just about appealing to the super fit. Defence, health and energy providers are getting in on the smart earbud action too.

The Bodytrak hearable is expected to land in summer 2017 and while pricing has yet to be confirmed, the team tells us that it will be in line with other fitness tracking hearables like the Bragi Dash and Jabra Sport Elite.

BodyTrak wants to accurately measure vitals from the ears