L'Oréal's new My UV Patch wants to keep kids safe in the sun

Second generation UV detecting wearable wants to protect the whole family
My UV Patch keeps kids safe in the sun
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After unveiling its first UV wearable last year, L'Oréal's skincare brand La Roche-Posay is giving the My UV Patch a refresh and this time it's making it a more kid-friendly setup.

Like the first version, the waterproof, heart-shaped stretchable sensor can be worn anywhere in the body but is best suited on the hand or the wrist. It uses a series of photosensitive dyes that change colour when it's exposed to UV rays.

With the My UV Patch companion app (iOS and Android) you can snap a picture of the patch and upload it to the app where it can detect UV levels and offer tips like when you need to re-apply some sun screen.

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There's changes on the app front where you'll now be able to track sun exposure for multiple users, which would make it more useful for families holidaying in the sun. There's now also smart reminders that know when a user is indoors to cut out unnecessary notifications.

La Roche-Posay is hoping it can encourage kids to make use of the patch by gamifying the experience by rewarding them with points to unlock prizes each time they scan the wearable.

The new My UV Patch is now available from the La Roche-Posay website, where you can pick up two free patches on select Anthelios Dermo-Kids sunscreen.

The beauty giant has previously revealed plans to launch 10 more wearables after the first My UV Patch so this is clearly just the start of the tech love-in.

L'Oréal's new My UV Patch