Game Golf now wants to coach you to become a better golfer

Golf wearable set to offer actionable insights into your play time
Game Golf gets smart on coaching
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Game Golf, the wearable that tracks all of your shots out on the course, is taking things further with the promise of advanced coaching features to help you raise your game.

The startup, which has some pretty big fans including a certain former US president Barack Obama, has announced its collaborating with IoT software company Greenwave Systems in order to analyse your data and offer more meaningful advice.

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Currently, Game Golf's LIVE setup gives you access to real-time info out on the course, which includes the position of every shot, the club used and where the ball landed. While we weren't entirely sold on all of its features when we first took it out for a few rounds, the potential of further analysis and coaching could convince us to pick it up and start using again.

"Improvements in performance have long been limited to in-person feedback, but expanding IoT advancements are quickly changing this limitation," said John McGuire, founder and CEO of Game Golf.

"Whether it's acting on real-time information or evaluating performance post game, the comprehensive insights available with this platform will allow players to enjoy the sport from an entirely new perspective."

Whether that post game feedback will involve telling you to throw your clubs away and never step foot on a golf course ever again remains to be seen, but we do know that this isn't the first time we've seen a wearable tackle coaching for golfers.

Zepp's sports tracking sensor already offers the ability to detect strong and weak points of a golf swing and also offer useful drills and guidance.

If Game Golf's next iteration manages to match (if not better) what Zepp and rival devices can offer, it could end up being the go-to wearable for golfing amateurs and pros trying to knock off more shots from that handicap.

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