Microsoft Band wants you to go hiking with latest update

Microsoft has created a really useful tile called 'Explore'
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The sun is out, the sky is blue and it's time for a Microsoft Band update that's handy and relevant to keeping active outdoors.

Called 'Explore,' the new Tile on your Microsoft Band enables the built-in GPS to track out hiking route - and even lets you add points of interest like vistas, waterfalls or whatever site you want.

You'll be able to track up to 12 hours without the Band dying thanks to the GPS Power Saver meaning it will only track intermittently saving you battery all day long. Auto Pause will also automatically stop tracking if you've decided to take a breather.

With Explore, the UV sensor will turn on as well in case it gets too hot while smart alerts will warn you of any incoming weather changes and tell you to re-hydrate.

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If you're worried about getting lost or if you need to backtrack, the Microsoft Band will draw out a simple map that will display on the screen based on how far you've hiked. You can also view everything later on after syncing up with the Microsoft Health app.

The Explore tile is a refreshing addition to the Band especially with its cohesive use of its sensors mixed in with a few new fun features. It's not a dedicated hiking wearable of course, but for those looking for a new and better way to use their Microsoft Band, the Explore tile is a good inclusion.

Microsoft Band wants you to go hiking with latest update

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