New Fitbit Versa smartwatch shown off in a bunch of renders

Is this the Versa 2 or just a metallic makeover for Fitbit's second smartwatch?

It looks like Fitbit could be planning to build on the success of its 'mass appeal' smartwatch with another version of the Versa.

That's if a whole bunch of renders that TechnoBuffalo have come across are the real deal. The series of pics show a device that looks identical to the current Versa, except they appear to come in a new metallic look that we've yet to see Fitbit roll out.

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This new-look Versa comes in silver, rose pink, purple and cyan blue colors, but aside from that, they look identical to the first Versa. The data on the screen doesn't appear to reveal anything new, while the renders showing the back of the watch appear to have the same sensor layout and charging port.

New Fitbit Versa smartwatch shown off in a bunch of renders

The text around the sensor indicating key features is the same as well. So Fitbit's PurePulse heart rate technology is mentioned as is the 50m waterproofing. We've dropped a picture of the back of the current Versa in below to show there doesn't seem to be a whole lot different including the six-axis sensor, which the article revealing the renders appears to suggest is different.

New Fitbit Versa smartwatch shown off in a bunch of renders

Back of the current Fitbit Versa

So our thinking is that we are probably looking at a special edition Versa here. Maybe it could be offered at different price point that scales back some of the features included in the Versa to make it a more affordable option. Fitbit has gone big on customisation with devices like the Alta HR and the Versa, so it wouldn't be a big surprise to see new versions of its impressive smartwatch.

If these are renders of a Versa 2, then we can maybe look at the timing of them surfacing. The first Versa was announced in March 2018 and then launched a month later in April. If Fitbit is planning to stick to a similar launch pattern for its watches, we might not be too far away from an official unveiling.

What we can be sure of is that Fitbit is no doubt hard at work looking at life beyond the Ionic and Versa. With its smartwatch operating system still relatively young, we imagine it'll still be looking to offer new features and improvements to the current crop before it rolls out the next iterations of the Ionic and Versa.

New Fitbit Versa smartwatch shown off in a bunch of renders

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