The Fitbit Surge is no more, as Ionic smartwatch takes its place

Guess Obama's going to need an upgrade
Fitbit Surge is no more
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Fitbit is seeing off its Fitbit Surge tracker, now that the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is official.

You can no longer purchase the Surge from Fitbit's site; clicking on it will instead redirect you to a list of third-party retailers where you can still pick one up.

"The Surge is being replaced entirely by the Ionic, but the Blaze will continue to live on," Fitbit CEO James Park told Wareable. "[The Blaze] is continuing to be a strong seller for us".

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In fact, reiterating something he'd said before, Park said we can expect to see "a simplification across the whole product line" of Fitbit devices over time. While Park cites big Amazon sales, we can't help but wonder if the Blaze will eventually go the way of the Surge too - is this town big enough for two Fitbit watches?

And surely there's no point in Fitbit continuing to sell the Alta when the Alta HR offers more for the same price point.

Whatever the case, someone please let Barack Obama know. The ex-president has been spotted wearing a Surge for the last few years, and it's probably time to treat himself to an upgrade.

"The first time I met him, he said, 'Hey do you like all the free publicity I'm giving you?'," said Park, adding that, because the Surge has GPS, Fitbit had to jump through a few hoops to make it safe for the head of state to wear. You can read more in our story on the conception of the Ionic and Fitbit's other health plans here.

The Fitbit Surge is no more, as Ionic smartwatch takes its place