Fitbit Charge 5 gets ECG – and Daily Readiness score launches

Promised features roll out
Fitbit Charge 5 ECG support now available
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Fitbit has announced that its ECG feature has launched on the Fitbit Charge 5, and the Daily Readiness Score has rolled out across the company's devices.

The Google-owned outfit announced its follow-up to the Charge 4 back in September, introducing a new stainless steel design with an AMOLED display, with features like built-in GPS and skin temperature sensors housed in that more attractive look.

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It packs an ECG sensor, joining Fitbit's Sense smartwatch in offering the ability to take more accurate heart rate readings when placing your fingers on the stainless steel case to take a reading in 30 seconds. It means the Charge 5 is now able to help detect atrial fibrillation.

Fitbit Charge 5 gets ECG turned on as glucose logging goes live too

It's also turning on Daily Readiness Scores, which is available through its paid-for Fitbit Premium subscription service. Those scores are generated from activity logged, sleep and heart rate variability measurement data to give users a better sense if they're ready to take on an intense day or they should consider taking it easy.

It will prompt personalised recommended workouts from Fitbit's own library or even suggest spending some more mindful time to help relax and recharge. You'll need to wear your device for at least four days to start generating scores.

Those scores will be available in Fitbit's companion app for Charge 5, Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Luxe and Inspire 2 owners. If you own a Sense or Versa 3 smartwatch, you can also see Readiness scores on your watch screen too.

Another feature that's being further rolled out in Fitbit's app is the ability for users to keep better track of blood glucose levels as well as set personalised ranges.

Fitbit introduced this ability to track back in February this year. The improved support is being made available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain and the UK.

Charge 5 users can expect the necessary software update to start rolling out now, while it's a similar story for other Fitbit users who are waiting on Daily Readiness Scores too.

We were largely pleased with the new Charge in our testing time, but there was definitely some software bugginess to deal with.

We'll be putting these new Charge 5 features thoroughly to the test to see whether they've been worth over a month after launch to try them.