Fitbit app gets overhaul as Google builds for the future

Big changes for users in slick redesign
Fitbit Fitbit app redesign
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The Fitbit app is set for a big design revamp, with Google set to overhaul the look and feel of the Fitbit experience.

Google has been working hard at tearing down the Fitbit experience this year. But now there’s evidence it’s building it for the future.

In 2023 Google has removed challenges and Adventures community features, support for third-party services such as Spotify, and other superfluous features. It’s also moved to requiring a Google account, and of course, added Fitbit services to its Pixel Watch. Oh and we’ve not seen any new Fitbit features to date.

On the surface, the Fitbit app redesign looks like a simple Material You update of the old app. But there are some big changes.

There are now three tabs along the bottom:

FitbitFitbit appThe You tab has a new focus on setting and tweaking goals

The Today tab looks familiar, and you can still adapt this to show your most interesting stats at the top. However, Google’s renders show some significant changes to the presentation of sleep stats in particular.

There’s a new focus on guided workouts via a new Coach tab. This adds prominence to Fitbit’s collections of content on workouts, and of course mindfulness, most of which are for Premium users.


Finally, there’s a new You tab, which puts a focus on setting your goals. We’re giving Google props for putting goal setting in a more prominent position within the Fitbit app. This has been something tucked away in the menus, and something few people bother to change – thus making adhering to them less likely. It will be interesting to see how effective that can be.

Google also talked up community features via the You tab. Given that many of these have been shuttered by Google, it not quite clear what this will involve.

Wareable says:

The launch date of the new look app is set for the Fall, which just by coincidence, is the planned launch of the Google Pixel Watch 2. We’re expecting (and hoping) for a sizeable upgrade, both to the design, battery life and fitness prowess.

Fitbit’s app is central to the success of Pixel Watch, so it seems likely we’ll see the two together come October.


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