​A cry for help answered: Why Bugzy Malone is using his Apple Watch all wrong

We solve UK rapper's Apple Watch hell
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It was a cry for help over the airwaves. While up-and-coming UK grime star Bugzy Malone's new track Watch Your Mouth appears to be a warning to his detractors (whoever they are), at Wareable we heard it for what it really was: a desperate appeal for help using his new Apple Watch.

In the song, Bugzy first reveals how frustrating using his new Apple Watch has become.

I try to stay calm but I keep losing it
And when I blow there's no defusing it

The reason for Bugzy's problem is that he's just bought his new "iPhone Watch" (it's called the Apple Watch, but whatever) but his rise to grime stardom means it's almost unusable because of the volume of notifications on his wrist.

I just got an iPhone 6 and an iPhone Watch
But there's no point in using it
Because I get notifications non-stop
And I get and inbox every two minutes

We feel Bugzy's pain. But clearly, he hasn't read our Apple Watch guide.

The lesson here is simple: Just go into the Apple Watch app on the iPhone 6 and choose Notifications. From there, you can tailor notifications from anything from Mail to Messages and more.

If it's third party apps such as Twitter that are causing issues, then the Apple Watch can actually help Bugzy out. Simply stop mirroring Twitter from the iPhone and Bugzy can still get his Snapchats and Whatsapp messages, and still filter out the noise from Twitter.

Bugzy: you are welcome.


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