Volvorii smart shoe with customisable e-paper panels hits Indiegogo

Swap out the patterns and colours of your high heels with a smartphone app
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That age old conundrum of which shoes to wear could disappear in 2015. That's according to a new Indiegogo campaign for a smart high heeled shoe with customisable, flexible e-paper panels on the sides of the footwear.

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The Volvorii Timeless smart shoe comes from a startup, Ishuu Technologies, based in Beijing and Lithuania, which is selling the shoe for a Super Early Bird price of $149 (just ten pairs) rising to $199 then $249.

Shipping is set for December 2015.

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Like the Tago Arc and LookSee e-paper bracelets we've seen already this year, it uses a flexible, low power e-paper display to adorn the shoes and there's a Bluetooth LE module hidden in the heel to connect up to your iPhone or Android for switching patterns.

The battery should last between two to six months and the shoes can charge wirelessly with a charger included in the box.

How about the shoes themselves? They are made from rubber and leather, with both black and white models available and sizes from European size 36 to 40 with smaller and larger sizes - 34, 35, 41 etc - being finalised.

The team hasn't given the exact weight except to say the Volvorii weighs the same as normal high heels.

There is only one style of shoe for now but a prototype slingback style is listed as a stretch goal should Ishuu reach its $50,000 Indiegogo goal.

Plus Ishuu Technologies plans to launch a platform to sell detachable accessories and fasteners to change the style of the shoe physically as well as digitally.

Originally designed as a prototype for a Louis Vuitton competition - the designer patterns have been blurred out of the Indiegogo video for copyright reasons - the Volvorii hasn't shifted many units on the crowdfunding site yet.

But it's popular in China with an interested audience of 85,000 people so far according to the CEO Wallen Mphepo.

The Indiegogo campaign will run until 12 April and right now, there's still $149 pairs up for pre-order.

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