The 'Wardrobe of the Future' is at Munich Fabric Start in September

Friends of the site FashNerd are curating this future fashion showcase
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A fashion tech showcase of smart clothing you can actually buy and wear is headed to textile expo Munich Fabric Start in September.

Created by FashNerd founder (and regular Wareable contributor) Muchaneta Kapfunde, the Wardrobe of the Future will feature connected and innovative clothing from studios and brands including Wearable X, Emel + Aris, Thesis Couture, Pyrates and Lorna & Bel with more to be announced.

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A Salvatore Ferragamo dress from the designer's sustainable Orange Fiber collection (it's actually made from citrus fruits) and fashion made from Flair Atelier's 3D visualisation tools will also be on show.

If you find yourself in Munich, Germany you can see the collections at the Keyhouse innovation center at the show from 4 - 6 September.

The 'Wardrobe of the Future' is at Munich Fabric Start in September

"We want to bring together brands which represent what the merger of fashion with technology has achieved thus far," says Kapfunde. "The brands we are working with will not only give attendees a glimpse of what could be in their future wardrobe, but it will also create a unique experience that has never been done before at the Keyhouse."

Regular readers will recognise Wearable X, creators of the Nadi X smart yoga pants, which use haptic vibrations to correct your pose. Billie Whitehouse, founder of Wearable X, said: "Unlike technology, there is not 'one ring to rule them all' in fashion, it is the coordination and curation of tones, colours, textures, shapes and silhouettes that allows the wearer to play with their experience. Now for the first time, this will include technology that helps you feel."

Elsewhere, Emel + Aris will be showing off its heated smart coat, Pyrates is working on a line of smart textile-based luxury sportswear, Thesis Couture have high performance high heels (that have been called the 'Tesla of stilettos') and Lorna & Bel make fashion handbags with built-in phone chargers.

The Wardrobe of the Future is at the Keyhouse, Munich Fabric Start, Munich, Germany, 4 - 6 September.

The 'Wardrobe of the Future' is at Munich Fabric Start in September

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