Bracelite e-paper jewellery brings personalised fashion to Apple Watch

Change your Apple Watch band like you change your outfits
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E-paper bracelets are fast on their way to becoming "the new black" in the fashion tech industry and the Bracelite is the bridge between smart jewellery and smartwatches. The bangle style wristlet is now up on Kickstarter and the company behind it is seeking €80,000 to help mass produce it.

What makes the Bracelite unique is that it is designed as an Apple Watch band alternative. The band uses a 4.9-inch curved, e-paper display with a 720 X 120 pixel resolution and a density of 150 pixels per inch. It has 16 levels of gray scale, is always on and the company claims it works well in direct sunlight.

It has removable lugs, so you can wear it with or without an Apple Watch. The company notes that the Bracelite will be universally compatible with both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch models. You will be able to choose the lug size, but the band should look OK with either.

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Bracelite e-paper jewellery brings personalised fashion to Apple Watch

The e-paper style is similar to ones we've seen in the past, although the cuff looks much thicker than, say, the Tago Arc. It features customisable patterns that you can download via the companion app, compatible with iOS and Android.

The Bracelite app has some interesting features. Instead of searching for patterns based on their visual style, you can select one based on your mood. So, if you are feeling particularly Zen-like, you can select a pattern with a relaxing aesthetic.

The app also features a pattern creator that uses your smartphone's camera. For example, if you are wearing a unique stripe pattern on your skirt, you can snap a picture of it, upload it to the app, and use it as your Bracelite style.

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The battery lasts up to two weeks before needing to be recharged though it doesn't boost the Watch's own battery. Thanks to e-paper technology, the band will display the most recent image, even after its battery dies.

The band has a 46mm diameter. However, there will be an "extra thickness" adapter, which reduces the inner diameter to 37mm for those with smaller wrists. The company must be betting that the chunky bangle will be back in style by mid-2016.

You can pledge as low as €250 for the Super Early Bird tier, which puts you first on the list for a Bracelite with an estimated shipping date of April of 2016.

Bracelite e-paper jewellery brings personalised fashion to Apple Watch

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