The Huawei Watch GT just dropped to £119 for Prime Day in the UK

The multi-sport smartwatch gets a big price cut for Prime Day
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For Prime Day 2019, Amazon UK has slashed the price of the Huawei GT, lopping £80 off and selling it for just £119.99. That's a bargain price for a capable sports watch with long battery life.

Huawei raised a few eyebrows when it announced its new wearable wouldn't be running Wear OS like the Huawei Watch 2 (coincidentally also on sale from Amazon for just £129.99). Instead, Huawei went its own way with its own Lite OS.

Huawei has really pared back the operating system to really focus on the health and fitness front. As such, the Huawei Watch GT packs the sensors you'll want for exercise. There is GPS/GLONASS/Galileo satellite support for accurate location and distance, a heart rate monitor and an altimeter on board.

The Huawei Watch GT just dropped to £119 for Prime Day in the UK

The Huawei Watch GT can also track the big three: running, cycling and swimming. The Huawei Watch GT will also happily work with iOS or Android. One of the best features is the battery life, as we noted in our review:

"Huawei makes big promises in the battery department: up to two weeks with normal use, a complete day of GPS tracking and up to a month with features like always-on display and GPS turned off. And it delivers."

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