Deal: Fossil's Gen 4 Venture HR Wear OS smartwatches are $175 right now

This is a great time to pick up the stylish wearable
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Amazon has knocked a chunky $100 off the price of Fossil's fourth generation Venture HR smartwatch in a few different styles, bringing it down to $175. The watch was already a great option at a lower price compared to a pricier choices like the Apple Watch, and is all the more attractive with a knockdown.

Not every version of the watch is discounted, but some of the simplest and most elegant options are reduced.

Fossil knew what it was doing when it maximised the stylishness of the Venture line - you'll be getting clean looks and the simplicity of Wear OS. When we reviewed it, we were impressed: "There's no denying the Q Venture HR is one of the best looking smartwatches on the market."

Deal: Fossil's Gen 4 Venture HR Wear OS smartwatches are $175 right now

The Venture HR has three interface buttons on its side — a crown that can be twisted and pressed for different functions, along with two more buttons that can be assigned to whichever need you have, a useful little piece of customisation.

This generation also added heart rate monitoring, putting it very much in line with the other top-end smartwatches. It won't continuously track your heart rate, but will help you to keep an eye on your resting heart rate. The Venture HR also brings waterproofing up to 50 metres, and weighs in at a feather-light 50g.

We rated the watch 3.5/5 when we reviewed it at the backend of 2018, and an even lower price point makes it a great-looking option right now. Finally, the addition of NFC technology means that Google Pay is available, which means you can also pay for things with the Venture HR.

As is often the case, Amazon hasn't put a timeline on this deal, so make sure to jump on it as soon as you can if you think Fossil's svelte watch could be the one for you.

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