Qwake Tech's AR helmet will help firefighters save lives

Augmented reality to lend a helping hand in emergency situations
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If you think AR is all about interacting with 3D models in your living room or seeing fitness stats right in front of your face, then you'd be wrong.

Step forward Quake Technologies and its futuristic AR-packing smart helmet that has been designed to help firefighters tackle fires faster and more effectively.

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Its C-THRU AR system is powered by Nvidia Tegra mobile processors and provides real time navigation via a transparent display positioned in front of the firefighter's line of sight. That enables the user to see through smoke and maintain zero visibility.

Combined with thermal imaging cameras, which already aid firefighters, alongside toxicity sensors and biometric sensors, the helmet can provide improved situational awareness of a fire and determine the most effective way to deal with emergency situations. The concept of visual neuroscience plays its part as well with the system reducing disorientation and tunnel vision to help firefighters make rapid decisions.

Qwake Technologies is also working on adding new features like object recognition and flow path tracking to make it an even more valuable tool for tackling a blaze. The system is designed to work in conjunction with other rescue related tech including protective equipment, drones and handheld cameras.

Currently the team are working with firefighters to explore the potential of integrating the C-THRU system and with an advisory board that already includes a number of US fire departments, it looks like this is one way AR is really going to make a difference.

Source: Singularity Hub



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