How to change the calorie goal on your Apple Watch

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Closing your Activity Rings on the Apple Watch is incredibly satisfying, but less so if you've made it too easy. Similarly, if you're overly ambitious with your fitness goals, you may never hit those targets.

Every once in a while your Apple Watch will ping you and show you how you've been faring in your quest to burn calories. If you've been overdoing it, it'll let you up your target. If you've been failing, it'll recommend a lower number.

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But what if you don't want to wait for watchOS to prompt you? What if you just want to go ahead and change it yourself? How do you do that? It's actually pretty simple.

How to change calories on your Apple Watch

How to change the calorie goal on your Apple Watch

The first big thing you need to know is that you can do this directly on your Apple Watch. You're not going to have to open up the Watch app on your iPhone, thank goodness. Even better, it's all very, very simple.

How to change calories on your Apple Watch
  • Open the Activity app.
  • Force press on the Activity rings.
  • Tap Change Move Goal.
  • Tap plus or minus to adjust the goal and then click Update.

Congratulations, you've now updated your move goal.

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