Apple Watch gets a huge watch face boost with Facer next-gen faces

NASA, Star Trek and Tetris the first big name brands to bring complication-packed faces
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Apple Watch owners can now fill their boots (well, watch) with a stack of new watch faces from some big name brands and designers thanks to the roll out of next-gen faces on watch face creator platform Facer.

The platform, which also supports Samsung Galaxy Watches and Google's Wear OS smartwatches, does already enable you to add new faces to your Apple Watch. These new faces though now mean you can select more complication-rich options with the likes of NASA, Star Trek and Tetris offering the first of those new faces.

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The complication support includes sensor data, weather, location, Wi-Fi and cellular status, calendar events as well as stock market and cryptocurrency markets. These 'next-gen' faces will also let users tinker with color options and Facer says new partner faces will be added weekly.

In addition to downloading these faces, Facer is also opening up its Face Creator platform for the Apple Watch, which is currently in beta and is accepting invites for anyone who's interested in flexing their creative muscles to make some complication-rich faces for Apple's smartwatch.

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To download the new faces, you'll need to get the Facer app onto your iPhone, head to the next-gen section in the app and then it's pretty straightforward to get it synced over to your Watch.

It's good news for Apple Watch owners who have had to watch on as Samsung Galaxy Watch and Wear OS smartwatch owners have been able to get the full Facer watch face experience.

It comes after Apple started to change its tune about allowing third party developers to build faces for its smartwatch. When it announced watchOS 7 in 2020, it introduced its Face Sharing feature supported the ability to download watch faces from the web, apps and ones created by fellow Watch owners. It also meant developers could create multiple custom complications for custom watch faces.

Now Facer is taking full advantage of that more open support for third party watch faces and particularly ones that can offer more in the complications department. It already offers some of the best Apple Watch faces and this latest update means it's good news for Watch owners who like to switch those faces up on the regular.

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