Apple Watch Series 3 will now track your skiing and snowboarding

Update allows third-party app developers to cash in on new integration
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The Apple Watch can already manage the majority of basic workouts on land and water, and now Apple is giving third-party apps the tools for better integration with the smartwatch.

The new support was rolled out alongside the watchOS 4.2 update back in December, with app developers providing tracking for the likes of skiing and snowboarding given the tools to sync with the Apple Watch Activity app.

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It seems only now have the third parties been allowed to roll out refreshed versions of the apps featuring the new APIs, with Slopes, Squaw Alpine, Snocru, Ski Tracks and Snoww so far all releasing updates.

Apple notes that developers will be able to take advantage of the built-in GPS and altimeter in the Series 3 to enable tracking of specialised metrics, such as total vertical descent and horizontal distance, the number of runs, average and maximum speeds, total time spent and calories burned.

And although plenty of apps are getting the integrated treatment, it's worth pointing out that only a few offer Siri support, which naturally allows you to start your activity with your voice and not have to take of your gloves when on the slopes.

Apple Watch Series 3 will now track your skiing and snowboarding

The news is naturally great for winter sport enthusiasts who have thus far been shortchanged when using their Apple Watch, though it's not yet clear whether the same new smarts are coming to previous Apple Watch generations.

As the Series 3 is the first of the company's devices to feature a barometric altimeter, we imagine the Series 2, Series 1 and original Watch will have trouble pulling in the same data to Activity. However, there's been examples of older devices using altimeter data gathered from the iPhone when in range, so it's potentially an option some apps will explore through the new updates.

Apple Watch Series 3 will now track your skiing and snowboarding

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