​Apple Watch Series 8 will add skin temperature tracking

But blood pressure tracking is still some way off
​Apple Watch Series 8 will track temp
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Apple will put a body temperature sensor in its next Apple Watch Series 8 – but more advanced new features are still years away.

That’s according to the well-connected Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, who has given an update on Apple’s progress on health features from people “with knowledge of the matter”.

Gurman alleges that Apple will add body temperature tracking to its new smartwatch, which will be primary used for fertility and cycle tracking. That’s great news for female users of the Apple Watch, but the sensor won’t be used to give skin temperature readings or alert to changes in body temperature quite yet.

Gurman also offered an update on blood pressure monitoring and the elusive blood glucose tracking that’s long been a target for Apple and its smartwatch.

The report suggests that blood pressure monitoring won’t land until 2024 – and could even slip to 2025.

And blood sugar tracking has no ETA at present.

We spoke to Rockley Photonics, which lists Apple as a client, which is testing a blood glucose sensor that it says could land on consumer watches by 2023. But getting the sensor working and through regulatory hurdles could take years, and Apple doesn't rush into new features – as we saw with sleep tracking and skin temperature.

One feature that is likely to arrive sooner is improvements to Afib detection. Gurman alleges the Series 8 will “calculate what is known as 'burden,' or how often a person is in a state of atrial fibrillation across a certain period.”

He doesn’t speculate on how this would be done – but it sounds close to the continuous ECG technology that Fitbit has just tested.

It’s clear that the Apple Watch – and smartwatches in general – have huge potential for new features. And those hugely exciting developments are just around the corner – but getting there will take some patience.