Apple Watch Series 3 is selling out ahead of being discontinued

The smartwatch is unavailable in several regions
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The Apple Watch Series 3 appears to be selling out in some regions - just days before it's expected to be discontinued entirely.

After it became clear at Apple's WWDC event in June that the Series 3 - released way back in 2017 - wouldn't be able to make the jump to watchOS 9, it's been expected that the stock levels would slowly dwindle before it was culled completely from Apple stores.

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Now, just before the arrival of newer generations, the smartwatch is finally selling out.

It's currently completely unavailable in the UK and Australia, while one variant is sold out on Apple's US store, too.

This would seemingly confirm long-held suspicions that the smartwatch is set to exit the stage on 7 September at the company's annual iPhone event, in which a new Apple Watch Series 8, Watch SE 2 and perhaps even a debut Apple Watch Pro model will be announced alongside the full rollout of watchOS 9.

Of course, those with a Series 3 are still able to use their device as normal following its discontinuation from Apple's official stores, and it's entirely possible that stock will continue to float around on online retailers in the short-term future, as well.

Given Apple's annual turnover of smartwatch generations, the Series 3 has enjoyed a relatively long and fruitful life - mostly as the company's entry-level device.

That role, we imagine, will be filled by the incoming Watch SE 2 (or perhaps the Watch SE, if it sticks around), meaning that those in need of a budget option will still have one.

The next device on the chopping block, then, should be the Series 4. However, for this year at least, that will be able to upgrade to the latest software.

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