Apple’s Oceanic+ diving app now available for Watch Ultra

We break down the key features of the Oceanic+ app
Apple Oceanic+ app
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Apple has launched its Oceanic+ diving app for the Apple Watch Ultra, which is available to download now.

The Oceanic+ app, which was announced at the Apple Watch Ultra launch in Cupertino back in September (which Wareable reported live from), is a collaboration between Huish Outdoors and Apple.

It enables a host of dive-specific features for the all-action version of Apple’s smartwatch.

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The Apple Watch Ultra boosted the water-resistant capabilities of the smartwatch range, and can dive to 40m (130 feet) thanks to its EN 13319 rating.

But the best features are enabled by the Oceanic+ app. It works in addition to the dive calculator, which is a stock app included with Apple Watch Ultra. This automatically calculates your depth when submerged in water.

So what new features does it bring exactly?

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Divers can set surface time, depth, and gas in the Oceanic+ planner, and the app will calculate their no-decompression time (No Deco), which sets time limits at certain depths. These more advanced features will require the $9.99 per month / $81.99 per year subscription.

It will also take into account tides, water temperature, visibility and currents. Some of these data points are user-generated, so we're not sure how reliable this information will be.

After the dive, users will see data — including GPS entry and exit locations and a summary of their dive profile. 

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This data is also sent onto the companion iPhone app for analysis and tracking – just like you'd see after a workout. The iPhone app will show a map of entry and exit locations, and graphs showing depth, temperature (from the Ultra's built-in sensor), ascent rate, and no-decompression limits.

Many of the app’s features are free, but regular divers who want to get the most from Oceanic+ need to pay a subscription. 

The app is available to download now from the App Store.

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