Apple rolls out Siri health features with watchOS 10.2 – in US and China

Users in the US and China can now ask Siri about their stats and log medication
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Apple has rolled out its Siri health features for Apple Watch, which enables users to ask the voice assistant for health-related queries.

The feature was announced with Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 back at the September launch, and lands as part of the watchOS 10.2 update.

It enables you to query Siri about health-related data, such as your fitness goals or sleep data – as well as logging medications, vitamins, period symptoms, blood sugar readings, and more.

Until now, Siri hasn’t been able to answer health queries due to privacy restrictions. Voice assistants usually hand off queries to the cloud, and sending what could be private health information off to the cloud was deemed a privacy risk. 

However, the new S9 chip in the Series 9/Ultra 2 means queries can be handled on the device itself. With data not going off to the cloud, so Siri can now take on these tasks.

Who can access Siri Health queries?

The update is live for English (US) and Mandarin (Mainland). That means that UK users won't be able to take advantage yet. 

How to install

The update comes as part of watchOS 10.2, which should be available on your Apple Watch now.

Head to General > Software update within the Watch companion app or in Settings on the Apple Watch itself.

Because Siri requires the S9 chip to keep health queries on the smartwatch, you need to be on Series 9 or Ultra 2.

Read on for some suggested Siri queries to get you started:

Siri wellness queries

  • “How does my Move ring look today?”
  • “Did I close my Exercise ring?”
  • “What’s my step count?”
  • “How far have I walked this week?”
  • “How far did I bike yesterday?”
  • “What’s my heart rate?”
  • “What’s my blood oxygen?”
  • “How much did I sleep last night?”
  • “How much have I slept this week?”
  • “What’s my blood glucose level?”2
  • “What was my blood pressure yesterday?”2

Siri health logging queries:

  • “I took my 8 a.m. medications.”3
  • “Log that I took my multivitamin.”3
  • “I weigh 167 pounds.”
  • “My period started today.”
  • “Log that I have spotting today.”
  • “My blood sugar is 122.”
  • “Record my blood pressure as 118 over 76.”
  • “Log my body temperature as 98.3 degrees.”

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