New Garmin golf watch being readied for release - filing hints at three new GPS devices

Could the Approach lineup be the next to receive an AMOLED model?
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Garmin appears to be readying at least one new golf GPS watch for arrival, with a database filing uncovering three new products that could soon join the Approach line. 

As found on the Singapore government's Telecoms Licencing System (TLS) database, Garmin has filed what could potentially be the successor to the Approach S62, with two 'Golf GPS Smartwatch' devices outlined. 

The other appears to be a handheld golf device, which could denote a replacement for the company's portable launch monitor and GPS device, the Approach G80. It could also be a next-gen rangefinder, though this is less likely given that the Approach Z82 is relatively recent.

Telecoms Licencing Systemgarmin 2023 golf watch filing

The database filings don't give too much away, as you would expect, though the model numbers do suggest that the two golf watches being registered are very similar. One features the model number A04431, while the other is A04432. 

This could mean Garmin is preparing the same new Approach golf watch in two sizes, or, perhaps, one with additional functionality or slightly different design features. 

Interestingly, both watch models also appear to include Wi-Fi support - something that isn't currently present in a Garmin golf GPS watch. Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, meanwhile, will also be included. 

With no more information provided, it appears we'll have to wait for the official unveiling to see exactly what Garmin has up its sleeve. 

Will Garmin's AMOLED overhaul continue?

In our recent Garmin Forerunner 965 review, we suggested that the running watch is now the best of the Garmin range to play golf with, thanks to the AMOLED display and light design. 

Garmin could be set to change that with a new 2023 Approach golf watch, though. An AMOLED upgrade makes plenty of sense for a watch lineup that was last refreshed in 2021, and we really think the more vibrant screen makes a difference during rounds. 

There's no telling when exactly Garmin would announce these mystery devices, though the fact they've appeared on the TLS database suggests a launch could be imminent. 

Stay tuned for more on this one.

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